Q: What do I do if I’ve finished the course but cannot take the final exam?

A: Go back through the course and make sure each lesson is crossed off and you’ve hit “mark complete” on all lessons.


Q: Do I need to finish the course once I’ve started it, or can I come back and finish at a later time? Will my progress be saved?

A: Every time you hit “mark complete” your progress is saved up to that point. If you take a break and return to the course via your user dashboard later, you will see a blue “Continue” button.


Q: What happens if I am unable to pass the quizzes?

A: After you see your quiz or exam results you will see a list of questions from the test on the right. Highlighted in red are the wrong answers. Click on them to reveal the explanation.


Q: Do I need to finish the final exam once I’ve started it? Will my progress be saved?

A: When you begin a quiz or exam, you should be prepared to finish it. If you close the internet browser window, or go back, or go to another webpage then you will need to start the quiz or exam from the beginning.


Q: Can I print a copy of my certificate of completion, or save it as a file to email?

A: Yes. Go to your user dashboard. Click on “My Certificates”. Click on your “Certificate of Completion”. You will see a “Print” button below your certificate. If you want to save a PDF of the certificate, just change your selected printer to “Save as PDF” and click “Print”.


Q: Will I receive a receipt for my payment? / How do I get a receipt for my payment?

A: Our payment gateway is through PayPal. You should receive an email receipt after payment, via PayPal.


Q: Why are these courses necessary?

A: To enhance safety and awareness during the hectic operations of landing a helicopter at an accident scene, or helipad.


Q: Why can't I see the Glossary or References on the Resources page of the course?

A: If the preview of the glossary or references fails to load, try refreshing the page. Your course progress will not be lost.