Training & Certification

LZSO sets the industry standard by offering an up-to-date program that incorporates the latest developments and trends.  Our course has been created based on our experience in the field, feedback from first responders, and input from pilots and the FAA.  Completion of our online lessons and test is awarded with a certificate that highlights your dedication to our collective mission. In order to maintain the standards of professionalism and safety, we recommend annual recurrent training.


Helipad & LZ Inspection

Our professional team visits your helipad to evaluate and ensure that all safety equipment is being utilized properly. Receiving a certificate by completing our high standards evaluation process may lead to a discount from your insurance agency. Let us come out for an inspection and offer advice on how to keep helicopters landing safely today!


Anonymous Tip Line

LZSO provides a free anonymous tip line to allow pilots, firefighters, police officers, or security personnel to report safety concerns in confidence.  We will follow up with the appropriate facilities on your behalf.


New Helipad Construction

LZSO can provide consultations during professional helipad construction.  With years of experience, our advisors can ensure that a new helipad meets all of the FAA specifications.


Insurance Discount

Upon completing LZSO training and receiving our certification, you may be eligible for an insurance discount from your provider.  Some insurers believe an annual helipad inspection warrants a discount. Discounts vary per provider, but we will ensure you get the best discount for your efforts in improving your employees' safety and mitigating risk.


Technical Support

LZSO offers quality and expedient support. Email us any time you’re having an issue with our course and we’ll resolve the issue in a timely manner.  We strive to provide excellent customer service and welcome constructive criticism to improve the learning process. We do our best to give our customers the best experience possible because training for a safe operation is most important to us and we will solve any problem that hinders that training.